The Era of Takeout Delivery

Back in the 90s, I envied those who lived in New York City. Apartment dwellers who could pick up a phone and order dinner delivered right to their door. Dinner being anything other than pizza, which is all I had to choose from here on the west coast. Sitcoms, movies, novels flaunted the kitchen drawerContinue reading “The Era of Takeout Delivery”

5 Ways Parents Can Stay Sane in a Crowded Nest

· First hour is free, then charge for amenities. No law states you have to let returning adult children use your things.  Internet or wi-fi service in your home belongs to you. If they contribute to the cost, then you’ll share the password. Using cable or streaming service? Way back when television was free, itContinue reading “5 Ways Parents Can Stay Sane in a Crowded Nest”

The former Queen of Crowded Nest

Kathleen Shaputis lives in the glorious Pacific Northwest and suddenly finds herself alone in the house with just her husband, Bob, three rambunctious dogs and a clowder of cats. How did this happen? They hadn’t been alone together since … well, for a short while in 1990-something, and there was that one other time …Continue reading “The former Queen of Crowded Nest”