The Era of Takeout Delivery

Back in the 90s, I envied those who lived in New York City. Apartment dwellers who could pick up a phone and order dinner delivered right to their door. Dinner being anything other than pizza, which is all I had to choose from here on the west coast. Sitcoms, movies, novels flaunted the kitchen drawerContinue reading “The Era of Takeout Delivery”

Suddenly Cooking for Two, Part Two

I remember growing up and my mom would have various magazines on the coffee table: McCall’s, Redbook and Good Housekeeping. Now, McCall’s was my favorite monthly because the issues came with Betsy McCall paper dolls. But as I grew older, the recipes and articles in Good Housekeeping, especially the holiday issues, kept my attention. AndContinue reading “Suddenly Cooking for Two, Part Two”