Suddenly Cooking for Two, Part Two

I remember growing up and my mom would have various magazines on the coffee table: McCall’s, Redbook and Good Housekeeping. Now, McCall’s was my favorite monthly because the issues came with Betsy McCall paper dolls. But as I grew older, the recipes and articles in Good Housekeeping, especially the holiday issues, kept my attention.

And in Googling tips and tricks for freezing, what’s the first site to pop up? Why, my old familiar friend with a fabulous online website. Gotta love the quality of their posts and topics. Still teaching me after all these decades. So, first it’s good to know how long raw meats and fish will last in the freezer. With the just of the two of us at home, variety is important. So I’m watching the meat sales with even more of a shrewd eye. The Buy One, Get One Free was a favorite when the house was crowded. But BOGO doesn’t help if I forget to cut the pieces into smaller portions before freezing. Like my two-pound packages of ground meat. I’m stalling in thawing one of them, because the clock starts ticking once it’s in the refrigerator.  

And not everything can or should be frozen. Who knew? Again, never have I ever considered myself a Suzi Homemaker. That name probably isn’t PC any more. My nose has always pointed toward a career. A brand new 3×5” file box filled with blank cards was more exciting than a Easy Bake Oven. So I’m very late to the game of cooking and storing. The word leftovers, I thought, would be a standard part of the week’s menu. What’s it is not meant to be is leftovers every night. Creativity is important.

Stay tuned for more exciting tales of culinary madness for two.

Published by Kathleen Shaputis

Author living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Bob, a duo of pompous, loud Pomeranians, a klutzy Bluetick Coon Hound and a clowder of cats.

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