Suddenly Cooking for Two, Part One

After years, decades of feeding teenagers and/or extra mouths at mealtimes, as of August 2021, I’m left with cooking for just my husband and I. How in the world do you slam on the brakes about food? How many habits are ingrained into my culinary system regarding shopping and preparation? So much to learn. ·Continue reading “Suddenly Cooking for Two, Part One”

5 Ways Parents Can Stay Sane in a Crowded Nest

· First hour is free, then charge for amenities. No law states you have to let returning adult children use your things.  Internet or wi-fi service in your home belongs to you. If they contribute to the cost, then you’ll share the password. Using cable or streaming service? Way back when television was free, itContinue reading “5 Ways Parents Can Stay Sane in a Crowded Nest”