Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I lived in a constant state of a crowded nest. My home
included at various times, aging parents, older siblings, adult children and
grandchildren. It didn’t help matters when we moved from Southern California to
the Pacific Northwest and bought a multi-bedroom home at a time I would have
been happy in a cabin in the woods. (Sigh) That was hubby’s idea, as he is a
paternal father hen who likes his chicks close.

Granted, when we first moved up, it was just the two of us. We rented a
house so we could scout out the new area. I was serious about living alone in a
forest. That dream didn’t last long. Adult children and grandchildren were
ushered in, if not forced in by luring them with the luxuries of in-home
laundry facilities and cable television. Though husband did manage to include
two acres of woods with the oversized house.

What’s a writer to do? Having enjoyed years of reading the darling Ms. Erma Bombeck,
both her columns and books, I did what any sane woman who do. Took out my
frustrations and angst in a book, of course. The Crowded Nest Syndrome,
was first published in 2003. And I had a delightful time creating and marketing
my trade paperback.

I know the subject of a crowded nest can be quite serious. Many Boomers are finding their lives invaded due to the economy and other realities. This is not a how-to book, as
in how to get them to leave, or become self sustaining. It’s a humorous look at
how I chose to handle the revolving door of people moving into my domicile.

My sister offered/threatened to get me a sign to hang up: Hotel Shaputis, many times over the years. It’s been a running joke. Well, as of August 2021, the last grandson has gone off to college. Now what do I do?



Published by Kathleen Shaputis

Author living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Bob, a duo of pompous, loud Pomeranians, a klutzy Bluetick Coon Hound and a clowder of cats.

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