The Era of Takeout Delivery

Back in the 90s, I envied those who lived in New York City. Apartment dwellers who could pick up a phone and order dinner delivered right to their door. Dinner being anything other than pizza, which is all I had to choose from here on the west coast. Sitcoms, movies, novels flaunted the kitchen drawerContinue reading “The Era of Takeout Delivery”

Suddenly Cooking for Two, Part Two

I remember growing up and my mom would have various magazines on the coffee table: McCall’s, Redbook and Good Housekeeping. Now, McCall’s was my favorite monthly because the issues came with Betsy McCall paper dolls. But as I grew older, the recipes and articles in Good Housekeeping, especially the holiday issues, kept my attention. AndContinue reading “Suddenly Cooking for Two, Part Two”

Suddenly Cooking for Two, Part One

After years, decades of feeding teenagers and/or extra mouths at mealtimes, as of August 2021, I’m left with cooking for just my husband and I. How in the world do you slam on the brakes about food? How many habits are ingrained into my culinary system regarding shopping and preparation? So much to learn. ·Continue reading “Suddenly Cooking for Two, Part One”